Our Mission

To communicate the message of the Kingdom of God in every family in India and all over the world through media mission.

What we are

The Tamil Nadu Bishops Council responding to the call of the Second Vatican Council to give high priority to Mass Communication considering its vital importance as an instrument of evangelization and human promotion established the Commission for Social Communications Society. Thesolemn decision to this effect by the Tamilnadu bishops in 1974 reached its fruition on August 06, 1976 when Santhome Communication Centre, the Regional Communications Centre, was inaugurated at 150 Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004, Tamilnadu, South India.

Santhome Communication Centre is the Regional Communications Centre of the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council (TNBC). The main service of the Center is promoting moral, social and ethical values through media and media education according to the values of the Gospel of Christ. The Centre produced regular Radio programs to Radio Veritas, Radio Vatican and to the All India Radio. And its programs are being aired all over the world to the Tamil speaking population. Thus the Centre has always contributed a quality input to the catechizing and development mission of the Tamil Nadu Catholic Church. In this process it has also become a medium of prophetic voice of truth and justice, peace and human liberation, dialogue and co-existence.

The Tamilnadu Bishops’ Council on 27th January 2012 took a historic decision to launch a Catholic Satellite Television and christened it “Madha TV” (Madha means Blessed Virgin Mother) dedicating it to the Blessed Virgin Mary.To enable this venture of satellite television and as per the requirement of the Ministry of the Information and Broadcasting Affairs, Madha Media Renaissance was established as a private limited company. The huge initiative of the Tamilnadu Bishops’ and dedicated support of the priests, religious and the faithful of the Tamilnadu Catholic Church (the first of its kind) ensured the launch of Madha TV on 11th February 2014.

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