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Birthday Wishes

Every one’s birthday is an occasion for others to remember, wish and pray for them. Madha TV is a praying family and it wishes to join you in wishing your beloved ones on their birthday. You may make use of this opportunity by sending the photo of the person you would like to wish and the necessary details. Madha TV family would join you in wishing your near and dear ones on their birthday

Telecast Time

As the last segment in Kadaval Vanakam Program – close to 8.00 am IST.

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are another great occasion to join together to wish the blessed couple God’s choicest blessings. Join Madha TV family in offering greetings and prayers to the couples that you want to wish on their wedding anniversary.

Telecast Time

As the last segment in Kadaval Vanakam Program – close to 8.00 am IST.

Death Anniversary

A death anniversary is a custom observed in several cultures including India as well. On that particular day or on a day convenient people gather as family or friends to pray for the dead. Keeping in line with this custom, Madha TV joins the bereaved family and friends in offering prayers for the dead. Do join us by sending the photos of the departed ones along with the necessary details to enable us to offer prayers for your beloved departed ones.

Telecast Time

During Divine Mercy Rosary at 3 PM IST

Holy Mass

Holy Mass is one of the primary forms of a Catholic prayer where we join together with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in commemorating His sacrifice on the cross. It is customary to add intentions to this great act of worship. Madha TV helps numerous people who are unable to participate in this Holy Sacrifice by telecasting Holy Mass everyday. You may as family or individual offer up your intentions along with the numerous participants in this Holy Eucharistic Celebration.

Telecast Time

Everyday Morning at 6 AM and Night 1 AM IST

Holy Rosary

The Rosary as a garland of roses adoring the feet of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a devout practice among the Catholics. Madha TV offers rosary everyday morning and evening to bring families together for a family prayer. It is a nice moment to bring in your special intentions for which the rosary will be offered along with the Madha TV family of praying families.

Telecast Time

Everyday Evening at 8 PM and Morning 4 AM IST

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